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Professional Movers in Frederick, MD

Wolfe Moving is a locally owned and operated business known for having top professional movers in Frederick, MD, and surrounding areas. With years of experience and immense knowledge, we specialize in local and long-distance moves and assist thousands of people with our flawless services. We have hired tenured professionals that are highly trained and equipped with all the needed accessories to complete every job efficiently. We are a fully insured business, so be sure that you are covered when you hire us. We always carry and load every home or office piece of furniture carefully and take care of fragile items. Our professional drivers are also trained for long and short distances, so whether you are moving to a new house a few blocks away or your office to a new city, we are the right moving company to call for assistance. Connect and get a free quote.

Who We Are

Most Tenured Movers You Can Trust

Established in 1990, Wolfe Movers have been serving excellence to our clients by helping them move from one place to another. We are a family-run company in Maryland that caters to both residential and commercial customers. Wolfe Movers was made to eradicate all the hassle from the moving process and make it a fun experience for our clients. Throughout our business journey, we’ve invested in our skills, equipment, and moving vehicles to enhance the experience and make the process efficient. Our efforts have earned us customer trust, as we always overwhelm them through exceptional services.


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Why Choose Us

When you hire Wolfe Movers, you can expect qualified experts to move your items without causing any distress.

What’s Best In Our Service

Easy Loading And Unloading

We offer complete assistance in the moving process, from carefully loading your belongings to unloading them at your new address.

No Need To Lift Items

Our experienced team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to handle even the bulkiest and heaviest items with utmost care and ease.

Best Packing Supplies

Our premium packing materials are designed to withstand any type of pressure, ensuring that your valuables remain intact throughout the entire journey.

Call us at (301) 696-9065, and get a free consultation from the best moving experts.

Our Services

Local Moving

We’ve been serving the local area for over three decades, and our professionals know every corner of the city, making us the best moving company for you.

Long Distance Moving

We have well-maintained moving trucks driven by the most tenured drivers to avoid inconvenience. We take all the long-distance precautions so that you can trust us.


By bringing all the supplies, we save you time by promptly packing and ensuring everything is cushioned perfectly to avoid damage.

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Let the experts handle your moving hassles.

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